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Bringing the StarScribes Collaboration Back to Life

StarScribes Collaboration Universe Seal

Five years ago, a group of science fiction writers got together to create a universe in which to set a serial space opera. Characters were created, plots were thickened, plans were made, but life drew a line in the sand that many of us could not cross, and we disbanded. Over the years we’d check in on one another and talk about writing material using characters within this universe but other projects and responsibilities always took us away again, leaving these stories untold. In August of 2016 I had an idea and sat down to type out a really bad story prompt using our character, Simonee Saran. I had written some material years ago that fleshed out some of her back story, but it wasn’t a plot, just a flashback, a device I use to help me flesh out characters. That prompt sat again for almost a year, until I got the itch again.

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