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As an autodidact, I am an avid learner, and an indefatigable problem solver. Throughout my 15 years of experience in the technology arena, I have put my mind and hands into problems that were well outside the scope of my titles and often above my pay-grade. What I can do is not limited by what I have done.


  • System engineering from a Computer Telephony/Software perspective including integration with legacy and IP telephony platforms
  • Wiring experience for data/voice applications including DS1
  • Data analytics for billing and FTC violation assessment and reporting. Ability to analyze raw data and process into readable reports using MSSQL, MySQL and Crystal Reports
  • 14 years of CPE level circuit troubleshooting from single DS1 to multiple DS3
  • Extensive call handling implementation including: ACD, IVR, TTS, Voice Mail
  • Strong Network Engineering experience from home networks to server farms with emphasis on VoIP and applicable QoS
  • Clear technical and laymen documentation skills that include organizing processes and concepts into comprehensive and coherent mutli-chapter volumes for use as procedural and reference documentation utilizing a broad spectrum of presentation media
  • VoIP implementation from a user agent client and user agent server perspective. Capable of implementing a complete IP Telephony solution including integration with legacy telecom


  • Designed the network and Active Directory implementation for a hosted call center platform with VoIP and Terminal Server deployment for 800+ users.
  • Designed and implemented a call detail billing database, download and import utility and reporting tool for the above hosted platform capable of processing and reporting on millions of calls per week.
  • Technical Review for a variety of open source telephony publications through Packt Publications (see attached publications list.)

Work History

DataTel/TouchStar/Noble Systems

Software, Network and Infrastructure Support Engineer

  • Supported call center software utilizing several development technologies including: FoxPro, VB 6.0, VB/C#.NET, HTML, Javascript, MS SQL, and all Windows OS Platforms
  • Extensive troubleshooting on T1/E1 carrier and CPE level issues.
  • Developed installation procedures and performed system installations for the national and international market
  • Developed network design and deployment for turnkey solutions as well as integration into existing network and PBX infrastructures
  • Developed VoIP connectivity solutions for company product offerings, including researching various products and setting up lab environments to test these products as viable customer deliverables
  • Authored and maintained documentation for proprietary call center software, including all necessary wiring diagrams
  • Developed several custom solutions for customer installs such as a simple custom ASP.NET CRM for a Medicare supplement call center including Adobe PDF forms integration and integration with our proprietary call center software
  • Developed several custom utilities to address customer needs that fell outside the features of our proprietary Call Center software
  • Developed and maintained internal CDR billing and reporting system utilizing MS SQL and Business Objects Crystal Reports XI
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the supporting network for our Hosted Call Center product including such technologies as: Active Directory, Terminal Services, Cisco PIX Firewalls and VoIP
  • Installed and maintained internal network, legacy PBX and Asterisk IP PBX
  • Implemented network and voice connectivity solutions for telecommuters
  • Maintained office services and facilities, specifically those pertaining to Internet connectivity and PSTN services
  • Designed and maintained lab environments with full data and voice facilities for development and QA departments.
  • Engineered SIP network solutions for the TouchStar Hosted platform using the OpenSIPS SIP Server as a multi-homed Application Level Gateway.

UniCore Technologies

Technical Partner

  • Provided network engineering services for UniCore hosted telephony platform.
  • Provided VoIP engineering services for UniCore hosted telephony platform involving Linux based Asterisk and OpenSIPS solutions and hardware based Cisco solutions.
  • Provided network administration services for UniCore hosted telephony platform including Microsoft Active Directory integration and Linux based network solutions.
  • Provided on-site implementation support for the UniCore hosted telephony platform.
  • Provided on-site implementation support for premise based UniCore solutions.
  • Provided all-tier technical support for both premise based and hosted UniCore solutions.
  • Provided legacy technical support for legacy Data-Tel premise based solutions.
  • Software development for the UniCore suite of telephony solutions.

Independent Study/Interests

  • Content Management Systems such as Joomla and WordPress for website building
  • Social Media and Social Marketing – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, tumblr, Empire Avenue
  • SEO optimization
  • Independent study on critical thinking and the scientific method
  • Philosophy, ethics, psychology, history of science
  • Biology and genetics, evolutionary biology
  • Physics, optics, electrical engineering
  • Writing for story, the elements of storytelling, self-publication, screenwriting
  • Spanish as a second language (novice)


Provided Technical Editing for the following publications

Minessale, Anthony, Michael S. Collins, and Darren Schreiber. FreeSWITCH 1.0.6. Ed. Justin T. Zimmer. Birmingham, UK: Packt, 2010.

Goncalves, Flavio E. Building telephony systems with OpenSIPS 1.6. Ed. Justin T. Zimmer. Birmingham, U.K.: Packt Pub., 2010.

Robar, Alex. FreePBX 2.5 powerful telephony solutions. Ed. Justin Zimmer. Birmingham, UK: Packt Pub., 2009.

Merel, David, Barrie Dempster, and David Gomillion. Asterisk 1.6. Ed. Justin T. Zimmer. Birmingham: Packt Pub., 2009.

Download this resume in MS Word Format: Resume_General.doc