Bits & Bobs

I’m a practicing writer, meaning I practice writing, meaning I have to write in order to practice, meaning… this is all just practice.

The pilot cut the engine on the airboat and the flat bottomed craft slowed and then drifted in the dark. The warehouse was yet a hundred yards off. Ethan could barely make out the harsh glow of halogen lamps against the rusted metal walls. He felt his ribcage grow half a size too small for […]

Flick vs. Black Beak - Midjourney v6.0

MewMew and Flick scurried across the golden field under an open sky and for a squirrel an open sky means danger. So, when a shadow draped over the ground around MewMew, she became a long flat stone in the tall grass, her tan cloak a dead leaf flapping under the gust of wings. Flick had […]

Tinkering in the basement - Midjourney v5.2

The first thing I remember is her voice. It gambols between a whisper and a buzz and triggers pictures: wildflowers, starlings, dancing bees. Then light, bright and round above me outlining shapes in its yellow glow: circles, ellipses, arcs, curves, twin prolate ellipsoids, almonds, eyes looking at me, rings the color of acorns set in […]

Homer had been waiting the better part of an hour in this tiny office on a cold aluminum chair that refused to warm under his bony posterior. An overhead lamp buzzed and flashed, assaulting his aching head through closed eyelids. He put his forehead to the desk and again the unwanted voice shattered his peace, […]

Tom is early to the Denham Car Boot Sale to find a good spot. He pops the hatch on the silver Volvo and pulls out a folding table atop the many boxes neatly packed in back. There’s a quack at the front of the car, and Tom looks up. “Mind yourself there, George. Lemme get […]